Recover Deleted Text Messages Using iPhone4 SMS Recovery Tool

Today, it is impossible to count the number of iPhone4 or iPhone3GS users, everyone prefer iphone4 because sending text messages through it is simple, fast and also save time. But, sometime it may happen that your important SMS get deleted accidently or due to certain reasons the files of iPhone4 get corrupted which lead to data loss. After the corruption if you want to access the files of iPhone4, some error messages will get flashed on your screen which not allows you to access it. Actually, these error messages indicate the corruption of files of iPhone4.

So, to overcome from the problem of error messages and corruption of files, one should have to create backup by synchronization process immediately after the creation of SMS but before the deletion. For this plug your iphone4 into the computer and then create the backup of files from iTunes utility. But, sometime there is a chance of data loss during the backup process also. It happens because creation of backup through iTunes utility is a slow process or for a time incomplete.

Thus, in that case, to fix the problem of SMS deletion you can use iPhone4 SMS recovery tool which can recover all your deleted SMS quickly. iPhone4 SMS recovery tool doesn’t modify anything on your iPhone4 only it will repair your deleted SMS, save it and also create backup of the deleted SMS.

Characteristics of iPhone4 SMS recovery tool are:-

  • Recover the all the deleted SMS
  • Quickly it can recover the data
  • Create extra space for SMS in iphone4
  • It can also recover the formatted data