Recovery of Deleted Photos by Using iPhone4 Photo Recovery Tool

iPhone4 or iPhone3GS is an astonishing device developed by Apple Inc. because of its portable and convenient feature, now a day it becomes more and more popular among the users. One of the best feature of the iPhone4 is its built in camera and advance photo application.

Using this feature iPhone4 works like a perfect photo management tool and enable the users to take snapshots, sync photos, share photos, display albums with the flip of a finger. In iPhone4, users can save all the data like photos in a memory card of size 8GB or 16GB. But, sometime due to mishandling of iPhone4 or crash of memory card of iPhone4, all the photos or albums get deleted which creates a critical situation for the users.

So, to overcome from this problem, creation of backup of iPhone4 data is mandatory for the users. By using iTunes utility you can create the backup of the data of your iPhone4. But, a situation comes when it becomes very difficult for the users to create backup by using Synchronization process because creating backup using iTunes utility is a slow process and can’t create backup of lost data. Now, after the failure of iTunes utility you can solve your problem by using iphone4 Photo recovery tool.

iPhone4 Photo recovery tool is a process which recover all your deleted photos in few clicks. This tool by using advance algorithm searches all the deleted photos and images in the memory card of iPhone4, after identifying the photos, this software recover the photos and save all the data at one place. Not only this, iPhone4 Photo recovery tool also creates the backup of all the data of iphone4.

Characteristics of iPhone4 Photo recovery tool are:-

  • Recovers all lost, deleted and missing photos quickly
  • Shows photos preview before recovery
  • Restores photos of different file format and size
  • Creates disk image and log report and saves it for later use
  • It can recover photos from various types of memory card and USB
  • Supports all the versions iPhone

So, if you desire to create the backup of all the photos, images and pictures then by using iPhone4 Photo recovery tool you can solve all your problems easily.