Restore Data Using Restore iPhone4 Data Recovery Tool

iPhone4 or iPhone3GS is an excellent device for communication. In iPhone4 you can store contacts list, video/audio files, photos, notes, SMS, ringtone etc. As your data is important for you so you can save all the important data in a file of iPhone4.

But, always due to certain reasons like viruses attack, accidental deletion, mishandling of iPhone4, improper power off of iPhone4 etc lead to data loss. Once you lose your data then it becomes very difficult for you to recover it. Thus, to get away from this problem, sync your iPhone4 regularly to create backup of iPhone4 data.

For this, connect your iPhone4 to the computer and by using iTunes utility create the backup of iPhone4 data. But, iTunes utility is a slow process and only creates data before the deletion of iPhone4 data; therefore, sometime it fails to create the backup of data. Now, in this situation you can use Restore iPone4 Data recovery tool.

Restore iPhone4 Data recovery tool using its powerful algorithms recover all the deleted data quickly. This tool is very easy to handle even non technical persons can also use this tool without any difficulty. Restore iPhone4 Data recovery tool has interactive interface.

Features of Restore iPhone4 Data recovery tool are:-

  • Provide recovery of data due to improper restoration
  • Enable data access even when the disk partition is not known to your computer
  • This tool optimizes the layout of the music files
  • Recover data if “drive not formatted” message is displayed on your computer screen
  • This recovery tool is read only

Now, iPhone4 users must not be worried about the data deletion because by using Restore iPhone4 Data recovery tool you can restore all your deleted data back into your iPhone4.


Install and launch iPhone 4 Data Recovery Tool and connect iPhone to your system.


Select the files you want to backup and click on "Export" button.


Once you click on Export button a window will be open which will provide you option to select backup to computer or itunes directly. Before transferring you can also set the output folder at Advanced->Options


After completion of backup process a window will open showing "Export Finished".

Using this backup you can easily recover your iPhone 4 files.